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Post Construction Cleaning

As each commercial project gets closer to completion there is always a long list of things that need to be wrapped up and only a short amount of time to get them done. Even the best commercial builders in Ohio will run into these challenges as they approach the deadline. With all of these things going on cleaning after construction is usually last on the list. However, post construction cleaning is a crucial part of the overall job.

Why is cleaning so important?

Well I am glad that you asked. Customers want quality workmanship, quality materials and professional appearance when they see the finished project. Their first impression will weigh heavily on how they perceive the quality of the overall job. They want to see that the money that they have spent on a new building or remodeled space was well spent and a good investment in their business. Although the commercial builder provided top quality work with top quality materials, if the customer walks in to see drywall dust still laying on counters, marked up base boards, dirty cabinets or dusty fixtures, their perception will be low quality work. They can’t see how well everything was built and installed, but they can see if it looks professional and if it’s clean. So even though it is one of the last things that is on the list, post construction cleaning is very important.


Partner with a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company.

That is why you (Lead Supervisor or Project Lead) should consider using a professional commercial cleaning company for your construction cleaning. Smaller companies or just a few guys with some towels and a vacuum will typically not carry the necessary liability insurance or have the experience to take care of the cleaning needs without damaging anything. Think about what would happen if they use the wrong chemical for the new floor that was just installed or if they scratched the windows while they were cleaning. These are things that can delay completion and cause issues with your customers. So when your project is nearing completion let us partner with you to give your customer the best experience they can have. 

“We are not just a commercial cleaning company that offers post construction cleaning, we are post construction cleaning company that offers commercial cleaning services”.

What is the difference?

First of all, we have many years of experience in and on the construction site. We know the general safety requirements, commercial processes and procedures. We know how to work WITH the other contractors and supervisor/lead not just around them. Secondly, we are experienced in using specific solutions for specific materials. Actually we try to use as little chemicals as possible to make sure nothing is damaged. But when things come up, we can usually partner with the supervisor/lead to help come up with a solution that solves the problem. Lastly, we know there are about a hundred things going on when a job is being wrapped up and the last thing that the supervisor/lead needs is another person coming to them with issues like. “We can’t clean this room because someone is in there working” or “We have already cleaned that area once”. Things like this come up constantly and we do our best to work with the supervisor/lead and help them get the job completed and ready to be turned over.

post construction

What is included with our post construction cleaning?

Below you will find a “General Commercial Cleaning Checklist”. This can be customized to each job or company depending on their needs, but provides a good base.

Commercial Cleaning Checklist – General

  • Dusting air diffusers
  • Dusting lights and light fixtures
  • Wiping down doors and door frames
  • Wiping down trim and base boards
  • Spot cleaning walls
  • Cleaning interior glass Vacuuming and spot treating carpets
  • Sweeping floors
  • Mopping hard surface floors
  • Cleaning restrooms – complete cleaning and wiping down all fixtures & plumbing
  • Wiping down all horizontal surfaces
  • Vacuuming all cabinets
  • Wiping down all cabinets inside & out

Other Specialty Services

  • Finish VCT Floors
  • Sealing & Finishing Concrete Floors
  • Sealing Grout & Tile

Property Managers & Developers

In the past 6 months ServiceMaster has partnered with several property managers, property developers. These companies are building multi-unit buildings, single family dwellings & condos, all over the Columbus, Oh area. These projects are started and developed quickly and need their vendor partners to keep up with the pace while devilering quality service. We have been able to work with these developers and come up with effiecent processes to get their units cleaned up and ready to turn over quickly. So we are developing a specialty in post construction clean up for multi-unit buildings and condos.

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